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What is a footmuff - 8 Tips For Footmuff

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  1. What is a footmuff?IMG_6895

  2. What age is footmuff for ?

  3. Are footmuff is universal and are footmuff safe ?

  4. How to choose a footmuff for newborn ?                

  5. Is footmuff worth buying ?

  6. How to attach a footmuff on stroller ?

  7. Where to buy the quality footmuff

  8. Wholesale footmuff


1. What is a footmuff  ?

Footmuff is a very popular products in EU. Some people call it stroller bunting bag , someone call is baby cosy toes . And some others also call it pram liners . It is a very functional product for parents going outside in both autumn and winter . Footmuff is like a baby pram pouch or baby sleeping bag for newborns to sleep in different style pushchair .

universial footmuff

First , most baby footmuffs outer layers are made of oxford fabric with waterproof and windproof function . It can keep newborns sleep cosy and warm in winter . Some cheap model of stroller footmuff will use Taffeta (one model of Polyster ).This fabric will be more thinner than oxford . We recommend people choose oxford fabric .Second , all footmuffs has the cut in the backside for the stroller harness to match with . The best footmuff always has 5-point harnesses .As this design can match with most strollers .

Third , we also check whether the footmuff is easy for people to use .Usually it may have the 4 side zippers to let people esay open and close with baby .

The last one, most footmuff come with fur , the different fur can make the footmuff looks more fashion and beautiful .

2. What age is footmuff for ?

As footmuff is a parrts for stroller or buggy ,when newborn can use a stroller or pram , then baby can use the footmuff .  It is really important for babies and footmuffs can be used till about 3 years old . When babies start to no use of the stroller ,then we may do not use the footmuff . So 2-3 stroller footmuffs is a best choice for one family .

3. Are footmuff universal and are car seat footmuff safe ?

car seat footmuff .pic

When people choose to buy a footmuff , the most important question is whether this footmuff match with my stroller . So people always care about whether footmuff is universal for all footmuff .

So when we want to choose the footmuff , we need to check about the backside of the footmuff whether it has the cut for stroller harness . If it has a 5 ponit harness design , it can match with stroller .

About the safety of footmuff , sometimes we may use the footmuff on stroller ,sometimes we may use it in the car seat . As newborns can not tell us their feelings , parents should keep all is comfortable for baby . With all safety belts , all babies are safe in footmuff . But we recommend all parents choose the size suitable for your stroller or car seat .. Please do not choose the footmuff size is much bigger than your stroller or it may cause some question

4. How to choose a footmuff for newborn?Best footmuff

The best way to choose a footmuff is to check some of the online reviews and check about what other parents have said about their experiences with different footmuff

For your child, the following factors should be considered when choosing the best footmuff:

   1) Convenience -4 sides zipper 

   2) Durability- Good quality 

   3) Weight and size- suitable for stroller 

   4) The fabric of the sleeping bag- Waterproof /Wind proof 

A footmuff is a type of clothing that is designed to keep baby warm outside . There are different types of sleeping bags available for children of all ages. For babies, there are some that have zippers that adults can easily open and close.

5. Is footmuff worth buying?baby footmuff

Footmuff protect newborns from unfavorable weather conditions, wrap them up and ensure a comfortable walk on cold days.They are a good alternative to other covers, such as regular blankets, which slide off children's legs during windy days. A footmuff for a stroller is a better solution, and all thanks to the holes for the five-point belts, it stays in place all the time. 

Dreambaby footmuff  is covered with a special, waterproof layer of fabric, which makes it a good choice also for rainy days. Practical strings allow parents to create a spacious and at the same time warm hood that wraps the baby's tiny head. On warmer days, the zipper allows parents to quickly detach the top layer and turn the sleeping bag into a comfortable gondola insert. We have many footmuffs in many fashionable designs and colors, which allows parents to match the product to the design of the stroller.

6. How to attach a footmuff on stroller ?

When we bought a footmuff , then we have the question for how to attach a footmuff on stroller . 

1. Open the zipper on the footmuff with side zipper or front zipper . 

2. Attach the hat on the stroller . 

3. Open the cut on the backside and attch with harness 

4. Close the zipper . 

You can find the vedio below for a right way to attach a footmuff on stroller 

7. Where to buy the quality footmuff ? 

First let us start with where not to buy the footmuff .

When we go to Tesco , Argos or some other similar big box store , maybe there are some footmuff can make you have a tempory use for your stroller .Universal footmuff

If you want to have a elegant and good qualitty footmuff ,big box store footmuffs are a wrongo choice for your stroller .

Offline, quality footmuffs are widely available at baby products store  that sell quality stroller or buggy .  In particular,Mamas &Papas , baby shop and so on sell an extensive line of quality footmuff

Online, there are more choices that sell footmuff - Today we make some cuggestions for different country footmuff .

Footmuff UK : Bizzi Growin

We can begin shopping for a footmuff at  Bizzi Growin Nannok footmuff . The reason for Bizzi growin is a good choice for footmuff because of there are different choice footmuffs . More over , they provide a storage bag for footmuff .

Footmuff Australia : Babyluno

We can start shopping for footmuff at babyluno nordic footmuff . The reson for baby luno nordic footmuff come with orginal design and good quality.

Footmuff Poland : Mori

We recommend begin shopping at Mori footmuff . The reason for Mori is a good brand for stroller and baby products .

There are also many choice on Amazon . You can go to make a choice of footmuff of local Amazon online store .

8 . Wholesale footmuff from Dreambaby 

showroom of footmuff .picDreambaby is china top ranked manufacturer and supplier of footmuff . We have 50+ designs of footmuff can meet your different requirements and you can also do customized footmuff with your brand and pakcage . We supply our footmuff to 20+ countries now. If you want to find a reliable supplier for footmuff , please contact us . 

We are sadex and ISO 9001 certificated factory and our products also exported to many different chain store like Tesco , Argos , Toys Rus ,mothercare and so on . 

We keep growing up with our customers . 

At the same time , we supply with the service for our online or mail order customer with package and photos also . We can be your best choice for footmuff . 

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